If you’re a fan of costume parties (and who isn’t, right?), then you must already know that every year brings about a new costume trend. Of course, costume trends are strongly influenced by blockbusters and cartoons released that year, but they also have a life of their own. In other words, every year brings about some new hot costume trend that is entirely based on public preferences and independent from what Comic-Con or Hollywood deem as popular.

This month, we’re highlighting one of the most “explosive” trends: Inflatable Costumes! If you haven’t been personally acquainted yet, let me show you what you’re missing.

Adult Inflatable Banana Costume

Why are Inflatable Costumes so popular?

First of all, with inflatable costumes, you no longer have to worry about size. Whether we are talking about kids’ or adult costumes, one size fits almost everyone. This means that your child will not outgrow it in a couple of months and you can always lend yours to a friend anytime (if you can bear parting away from it, of course). Take this Kids T-Rex Costume, for instance; from 5 to 15 years old, everyone can rock it!

Kids Jurassic World Inflatable T.Rex Costume

Even more, quality inflatable costumes are made from light-weight polyester and powered by a small fan. In other words, they are extremely comfortable and easy to carry: once the party is over, you can just fold your inflatable costume and be on your way. Don’t even bother to be gentle: it’s inflatable, so the wrinkles it makes during the storage period fade right away!

Child Patrick Star Inflatable Mr. Awesomeness Costume

Be the life of the party!

There is a very good reason why inflatable costumes are a 2016 costume trend on the rise: you can literally never go wrong with them. Whatever character you choose, you will look so fun and jolly that you will become the star of any celebration. Just think about dancing and goofing around in one of these:

Inflatable Suit Costume – Green

They come in numerous colors, so you are bound to find your favorite flavor. If you want to follow this year’s trend and are searching for the ideal inflatable costume, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our amazing selection of inflatable costumes for adults and children and remember that you can order them from anywhere. Time to pump-up the jams!