It is really great when people dress up in the spirit of the country they live in, be it America, Scotland, Mexico or wherever. During the day of their independence , they can dress up to represent the pride in their country. For America’s 4th of july, people dress up in the Babe Uncle Sam, the Army Uniform Child, and the Ms. Liberty. People even choose to re-enact the story of America’s independence with the Colonial Boy Child, the Colonial Girl Child, the Pilgrim Boy Child, and the Pilgrim Girl Child. Besides that, people love to dress up like the Army, Navy and Air force to show that they support them. They dress in the Air Force Falcon Headpiece Adult, the Army Mule Headpiece Adult, or the Marine Bulldog Adult. All these costumes have significant meanings to them and even though some might think these people are crazy for dressing up, they do it because they are free to do what they choose. And I guess thats what America is all about.