Author: Adriana Tica

Time to Boogie, like it’s 1979!

You’ve been invited to a 70s Party and can’t decide what to wear? Don’t worry, you’re in luck! 70s costumes are very easy to reproduce and they don’t cost a fortune. Even more, you can simply use some accessories, not a full costume. But first, let’s see what you’re up against. What was trendy in the 70s? The symbols of the flamboyance era are Afro wigs and Polyester. In fact, the style was very similar to that of the 60s, so the hippie style was still king, especially in the early 70s. After 1974, disco became a major hit...

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Why Dress-up is Important for a Child’s Development

Ever thought what it would be like if you could be someone else, even for just a little while? When kids put on costumes, they get to be whoever they want, from superheroes to princesses and even monsters. And, even though it may seem like a simple child’s game to you, it’s actually a valuable learning experience. Why Playing Dress-up is Smart When your child puts on doctors scrubs, he’s actually imagining what it would be like for him to be a doctor and heal people (even if, for now, said people are his plush animals). Similarly, putting on...

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The Cutest Father-Daughter Themed Photo Shoot

I’m sure you already have tons of pictures of your little girl that you’ll cherish forever. Thanks to today’s technology, we can easily snap a photo anytime we feel like it and capture every moment of a child’s development. And, yes, instant photos are a lot of fun, but they are no match to a professional photo shoot! One unique idea to try this year is father-daughter shoot! If you don’t know where to start, let us help you get your creative juices flowing.   Step 1: Start with the Theme For most little girls, their fathers are their...

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The Best Superheroes Kid’s Party to the Rescue!

Is it Superman? Or maybe it’s Aquaman, Batman or Spiderman that your little boy or girl loves and wants to be like? Whatever superhero your kiddo fancies, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a super-sized costume party, the one that they’ll remember forever. We’re here to enhance your superpowers and help give your child what they always wanted: a party worth of a superhero! So put on the cape and let’s check everything off the to-do list, from superheroes costumes to yummy treats: Start with the Basics We get it: it’s your kid that loves superheroes, not you. So...

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2016 Costume Trend Alert: Inflatable Costumes

If you’re a fan of costume parties (and who isn’t, right?), then you must already know that every year brings about a new costume trend. Of course, costume trends are strongly influenced by blockbusters and cartoons released that year, but they also have a life of their own. In other words, every year brings about some new hot costume trend that is entirely based on public preferences and independent from what Comic-Con or Hollywood deem as popular. This month, we’re highlighting one of the most “explosive” trends: Inflatable Costumes! If you haven’t been personally acquainted yet, let me show...

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