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Top 2016 Theme: Pirate Costumes

Ahoy Matey’s! Our next Top Theme of 2016 is a classic: Pirate Costumes! Since the release of Pirates of the Caribbean, Halloween has been bursting with the swagger and style of Swashbucklers & Sea Captains. The best part of this theme is the amount of accessories you can pile up to really make a statement: eyepatches, swords, wigs. Every pirate can be unique and get into some real shenanigans this Halloween, thanks to their famously deviant behavior. Yoo-Hoo-Yoo-Hoo, a Pirate’s life for you! Womens Spanish Pirate Costume00Womens Sexy Swashbuckler Costume00Tween Pirate Costume - Pirate Cutie Tween00Toddler Precocious Pirate Costume00Tween...

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Top 2016 Theme: Princesses

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, were the cutest Princess costumes around. Our next Top 10 Theme of 2016 is Princess Costumes – Disney Princesses, Princess Leia, Princess Fiona, all of them make the cut! Adult and kids alike love to reinvent themselves in a storybook fantasy that brings out their hopes and dreams. Not only are they great for stealing the costume show, but they’re wonderful for Group Costumes with a bunch of friends or family. Time to wish upon a star this Halloween with these fabulous Princess Costumes! Girls Classic Elena Ball Gown Costume00Deluxe...

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Top 2016 Theme: Skeletons & Zombies

As a part of our countdown to Halloween, we’d like to introduce our next spooky Top Theme of 2016,  Skeletons & Zombies. A classic Halloween outfit, Skeleton Costumes are perfect for anyone who wants to reveal their insides – literally! If you’re looking for a scary costume with a bit more of a creepy edge, Zombie Costumes are all the rage thanks to shows like The Walking Dead and iZombie. Trust us, you’ll be dying to try out this theme! Skeleton Stockings00Boys Football Zombie Costume00Boys Zombie Ninja Costume00Skeleton Bride Costume - Kids00Adult Skeleton Costume - Boner30Undead Hands...

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Hottest Halloween U.S Destinations

With a little research here’s what looking to be the hottest U.S destinations for Halloween 2008 The San Francisco Bay Area is an always a vacation hotti that is known throughout the world to hold some of the hottest parties of the year! Before Halloween check out the dozens of landmarks and fun things to do. Then again you will be so busy checking out the entire Halloween craze that you may only have enough extra time to sleep. Sleep? Forget about it… Check out Sam Spade’s Halloween events 2) New York The Big Apple hosts some of the best city parades to grave the streets and Halloween is no different. New York’s Village Halloween Parade will be October 31st beginning on Sixth Avenue at Spring Street, and continues north along Sixth Avenue to 23rd Street. New York is one of the most visited cities in the world. The best way to see the highlights of New York City is on a double-decker bus. If you get to New York before the 31st check out New York’s section in 3) Hawaii The islands of Hawaii are a fantastic place to travel during the entire year and Halloween Hawaii is the best! Halloween street festivals, haunted houses, spooky train rides, ghost tours, Halloween cruises, haunted hay rides, trick-or-treating for kids, movies, pumpkin patches and MORE!!! The tropical weather makes...

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Sharing is Caring

I think it is really interesting how costume companies decide to make the same style costume for adults, teens, children and babies. It really says something about people when all ages can appreciate and love a certain costume style. For example, for the Spiderman costume, they make a Spiderman Newborn/Infant, Amazing Spider-Man Muscle Child, Spidergirl Young Adult, Spiderman Quality Muscle Teen/Adult, Spiderman Adult Costume, and the Spider-Man Pet Costume. Another great costume that goes across the ages is Shrek with the Shrek Bunting Newborn, Shrek Child Costume, Deluxe Shrek Toddler / Child, Super Deluxe Shrek Adult, and the Shrek Adult Plus Size Costume. Lastly, the Cinderella costume also comes in Cinderella Ballerina Toddler, Princess Cinderella Child, and the Prestige Adult...

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