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Costumes for 1920’s Indie Film Part II

Finding mens costumes for my 1920’s setting was not going to be easy or cheap. But thanks to Costume Kingdom I was able to pull it off and stay within my budget. The costume that I purchased the most of was the Black and White Zoot Suit Costume for Adults. Some of the men were heavier than others so thank goodness I was also able to buy the Plus Size Zoot Suit Costume that was also black and white. Since I did like the style of this Zoot Suit I also got the Yellow and Black Zoot Suit for Adults and of course the Plus Size Gold and Black Zoot Suit Costume. I bought about a doze of the Costume Polka Dot Tie accessory to go with all of the costumes. Another costume that I found that worked perfectly was the White Pinstripe Zoot Suit Costume that came with a hat and went perfectly with any of the girl costumes to match. I also bought the Turquoise Pinstripe Zoot Suite Costume just because I thought it would really make my main characters really stand out in their scenes. It also came with a snazzy hat and suspenders! Hopefully my film will be able to go to Sundance...

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Popular Movie Costumes for Boys

During Halloween of 2007, there were several costumes for boys that were in such high demand they sold out almost immediately after they were put on the market, and were extremely hard to find after that. Of course the Transformer Optimus Prime costume for boys sold out the fastest, since the movie was such a huge success. Another popular costume that was in huge demand was the High School Musical Troy costume, also because of the success of the movie it was tied to. For three years in a row the Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Carribean costume has been the favorite of many costume buyers and pirate lovers as the sequals keep coming. And it wouldn’t be Halloween for boys without the ever popular Star Wars costumes like the Jango Fett Deluxe child Costume and the Darth Vader Deluxe child costume that seels out every year as the newer models come out with more to offer. The Light Saber from Star...

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Clown Costumes and Accessories

Costume companies are getting so creative with all of the different kinds of clown masks and accessories you can buy. I think it’s funny how they are coming up with alot more Scary Clown Costumes because they know some people have a huge fear of clowns. I saw this one really cool Adult Clown Costume with Glowing Eyes that looked really scary. I’ve also seen alot of crazy Clown Masks coming in like the Army Camo Clown Mask or the Black Twisted Clown Mask. They have other ones that came in that were more like...

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Red Riding Hood

I love all of the new different kinds of Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Costumes they’ve been coming out with this season! Me and my boyfriend wanted to dress up together as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and we were so surprised at our list of options that we had a hard time deciding which one to be! The first one I checked out was this very cute and Sexy Little Red Riding Hood Costume. I was looking at the sizes and wondering if it was going to be too tight. But then I found that they had the same costume in a Plus Size Little Red Riding Hood...

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