I’m really excited to see all the new styles for the 2008 Halloween costumes that retailers and designing right now. There are so many different themes and fashions that the companies try to cover and it amazes me to see the various kinds. If you have a little girl who loves faiytales she could wear the Aurora Child, Belle Child, or the Cinderella Deluxe Child. If there is a rebellious teenager who doesn’t want to dress provocatively like the other girls in her high school class, she can wear such think like the Banana Teen, Lilith Goth Fairy Teen, or even the Raphael Muscle Child. The great thing about our generation is that girls can wear guy costumes and not be criticized or judged. Guys can wear girls costumes but it is usually with a humor intent, but the point is costumes are becomming available for anybody to wear. Even the dogs can wear whatever they want with their Batman Dog Pet, Heidi Puppy Pet, and Hot Dog Pet Costume!!!!!