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Lion Animal Mascot Animal CostumeReady to roar into your Halloween parties? The lion is a proud animal, always in charge of his or her surroundings! Lions are just about the greatest animals in all of Africa, so show your Halloween party how it’s done! When you’re ready to play in the circus, or preparing to travel to the Wizard of Oz, you’ve got to get yourself in just the right lion costume for the job! With our Lion Animal Mascot Costume, you won’t need for any other! This outfit will easily take care of all your lion-based needs!

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Cute Hamster Costume - AdultOr perhaps you’re looking for an animal that’s more cute and cuddly? How about a hamster? You know, a totally adorable housepet that runs on a wheel and you can pet it whenever you want? Hamsters are the cutest animals in the world, and anyone who says different is pretty much wrong. It’s okay to be wrong.

Whether going as a group or wanting to be the most adorable creature at your Halloween gatherings, you can’t go wrong with this outfit! Pick up our Adult Cute Hamster Costume today!

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