Many of us can recognize Green Man from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but what you may not know is there’s a lot more than just the Green Morphsuit! You can grab a wide range of different styles right here at Costume Kingdom!

Tuxedo Morphsuit

Maybe you want to bring some class to these proceedings? Whether you want to make James Bond seem downright boring in comparison, or you’ve just got to go to a black-tie event and don’t have a suit handy, our Deluxe Tuxedo Skintight Morphsuit will have you looking as debonair as any other well-dressed international man of mystery! No matter the occasion – except, well, maybe a funeral – this tux-to-go will have you in a hilarious look! Grab a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred, naturally) and slip on this Tuxedo Morphsuit!

Morphsuits are amazing in their versatility – despite having your body completely encased inside, it’s thin, lightweight, breathable (thankfully), and you can even drink with it on!

At Costume Kingdom we have such a wide array of different Morphsuits! From basic colors – including Green Man – to Tye-Dye and Army Combat, you won’t lack for options when you check out our Morphsuits Theme!

Ninja Morphsuit!

Going for a bit of stealth? There is nothing more silent, more efficient, than the ninja. Why get a bulky ninja costume when our lightweight Deluxe Ninja Skintight Morphsuit will not only do the trick, but even help you stay in the shadows? Answer: You should just grab the Morphsuit! When your friends are looking around asking, “hey, where are you?” You’ll be giggling in the corner as you finish off the last… uh… water. Yeah, you were drinking water.

No matter if you’re hunting your enemies in the crowd of your Halloween party, going to a rave, or just trying to avoid that pesky cousin at your family reunion, you’ll be squared away as you make the night your best friend! At least until your best friends arrive.

Take a look at our Morphsuits Theme to get more ideas! Here at Costume Kingdom, we make certain to have all your costuming needs covered!

–Logan, your friendly Costume Kingdom neighbor