A movie is not a movie if it doesn’t have a style. And what is the main component of a movie that gives it a style. The costumes of course! Film makers young and old know the way to visually enhance a story is to have successful costumes that help construct your story. You can’t shoot the movie “Robin Hood” without having the Robin Hood Adult, Maid Marian Adult, Braiden Maiden Burgundy, Feathered Prince Hat Green, Lady in Waiting Renaissance Adult, Monk Brown Plus Size, and the Medieval Valiant Knight Plus Size. You couldn’t make “Pirates of the Caribbean” without Cap’n Cutthroat Adult Plus Size, Captain Jack Sparrow Prestige Adult, Davey Jones Deluxe Adult, Maccus Sharkman Adult, Elizabeth Pirate Deluxe Adult, and the Elizabeth Empress Deluxe Child. For any movie, costumes move the story forward.