I love the new creative costumes that manufacturers are coming up with this Halloween! They realize that women aren’t just going to be a few selection costume themes if they want to dress up sexy. On of my favorite new sexy costumes this year is the Robin Hood Sexy Costume or the Robyn the Hood Sexy Costume. I love how the trim of the dress is super cutet and trendy, and how they give you a purse to go with it that’s supposed to be your money bag. Another costume that I like is the Sexy Deviant Housewife Costume. It’s perfect for any Housewife who wants to feel sexy and it kind of reminds me of the popular show Desperate Housewives. I also like how they also have a Plus Size Sexy Deviant Housewife Costume, proving that you don’t have to be under 110 pounds to be sexy. Another one of my absolute new favorites is the Sexy Eve Costume. Not only does it come with a vinyl apple purse for your things, but it also comes with a Snake Boa, adding to the fabulousness of this costume. One costume that definetly caught my eye this year is the Sexy Bettie Page Cattail Costume. You can also buy the Bettie Page Pin Up Girl Wig and Cat of Nine Tails Whip to go perfectly with the costume. I love how the costume markets are really trying to pin point what women think is sexy and also who is sexy in their minds that they want to imitate. It’s going to be alot of fun to see what other new sexy, creative