We live in a time where our tolerance towards other people’s differences is the largest ever. But one thing our American culture has not been so progressive about is body image. American media has always strongly convinced people to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Many people are not born to fit into a size 2 pants and they shouldn’t have to feel bad about it. Our store has over 200 plus size costumes that are exactly the same as the smaller size costumes, just fit to a different size.

For women, there are such costumes as the 7 PC Penal Code Penny, Black Playboy Bunny Adult Plus Size, Eskimo Cutie Adult Plus Size, French Maid Adult Plus Size, Rhinestone Cowgirl Plus Size Adult, Sexy Prep School Delinquent Plus Size, Sexy Swashbuckler Adult Plus Size, and the Sexy Varsity Cheerleader Plus Size. For men, there is the Deluxe Robin Hood Adult Plus Size, Ghostbusters Adult Plus Size, Beer Man Adult Plus Size, Big Daddy Plus Size, Deluxe Pirate Adult Plus Size, Elvis Rock Legend Big and Tall, Hercules Costume Plus Size, and the PJ Jammies Blue Plus Size. Anybody can be anyone they want to be for Halloween, no waist size required.