The time has finally arrived for the political tension brought upon us by the presidential campaigns. No matter what your personal politics are, people everywhere are discussing the controversial opponents in the race to the white house. And of course with controversy always comes protests, and with protests comes a need to have the perfect mockery political mask.

Our online store sells many different types of masks for various occasions, but I think it is the political ones that tend to make the biggest statements. For example, one of the top runners-up for president is Hilary Clinton and we carry two great masks of her; the simple Hillary Clinton Mask and the more detailed Hillary Clinton Vinyl Full Mask. Why not accompany the Clinton bandwagon with none other than her husband and former president Bill with the Wild Bill Clinton Mask? They could make the statement twice as powerful for the Clinton campaign!

For those who are a bit more radical and are involved in either pro or anti war protests, you could go with masks portraying those in our current white house office. The most popular of all is the detailed caricature of the Bush Vinyl Full Mask that looks almost exactly like him from his famous ears to his hairstyle. Another great mask hot in controversy is the Cheney Vinyl Full Mask that I think captures his expression pretty well.

No matter what your politics are, these masks are for you to use however you want. Make fun of them, represent them, admire them, trash them, it really doesn