I just recently watched a movie called “Mystery Men” starring Ben Stiller, and it was so hilarious! One scene that popped into my mind afterwards was their superhero try-outs party (Dane Cook actually plays one of the phony superheros named “The Waffler”…wow). I was thinking how funny it would be to throw a superhero party where people dress like actual superheros like the Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Adult, the Captain America Muscle Adult, the Collectors Batgirl Adult, the Collectors Superman Adult, the Deluxe Hellboy Adult, the Deluxe Wolverine Muscle Adult, the Full Figured Wonder Woman Adult, the Iron Man Muscle Adult, the Mr. Incredible Deluxe Adult, the Spiderman Adult Costume, and many MANY more! In addition to all these fantastic classic superhero costumes, other people can come as made up superheros like the Super Sperm Superhero, the Sexy Mystery Hero Adult, the Spider Hero Adult, Beer Man Adult, Captain Condom Adult, Mr. BBQ Man, Remote Control Crusader, Super 6 Pack Man, and of course Tooth Fairy Adult!!!