Oh, the smell of the grass, the crack of the bat, eating overpriced hot dogs and watching athletes at the top of their class  compete in what we all know lovingly as America’s pastime. Baseball is an amazing way to ruin a perfectly good picnic! When you want to hit up your Halloween parties in the style of your favorite sport, you’ve got to take a look at our wide array of Baseball costumes to get the right style!

Men's Boston Red Sox CostumeDo you hail from Beantown? Have you lived long enough to suffer under the curse only to watch it lift in the most magnificent way possible? Then you’re in luck! When you want to show off your favorite baseball franchise of all time and to celebrate the history that one of the game’s oldest teams has lived through, you can’t go wrong with our Mens’ Boston Red Sox Costume!

No matter if you go out to Fenway every time they’re home, or watching from afar when the New York Yankees come to play, show your team spirit with this full-body skinsuit that’ll have you completely in uniform with your favorite team! So batter up and take your best swing with this fantastic Halloween costume!

Men's Philadelphia Phillies CostumeOr maybe you hail from an NL team? Do you prefer pitchers having to take the plate instead of being spared the agony of a strikeout? From one of the birthplaces of America, the Phillies have a long and storied tradition! When you want to show the world some of the best that the MLB has to offer, you’ve got to pick up this costume! Grab our Men’s Philadelphia Phillies Costume today!

No matter if you’re AL or NL, a pitcher,  batter, catcher or outfielder, when you take a look at our many Baseball costumes, you’ll be in just the perfect outfit to bring to your Halloween! Batter up! Check out these costumes and everything else we’ve got right here at Costume Kingdom!