With July 4th weekend approaching, there is always a blockbuster ready at theaters, and this year is no different! A full reboot of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man franchise, the comic book hero is back in action with The Amazing Spider-Man!

Whether a fan of the comics or the movies, this season is going to be hot for Spider-Man costumes! Who wants your old flat costumes when you can look ripped like Spidey? With the updated costume that Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) will be wearing as everyone’s favorite webcrawler, you’re gonna want to get in on the action with our Boys Spider-Man Movie Muscle Costume! When you’re gonna have to throw down with The Lizard, you’re going to want to be stronger, faster, better! With this outfit, you’ll be to take on the meanest of baddies in no time!

Or maybe you’re looking for some darker fare, and a fan of the third film? When you want to play both sides of Spider-Man, you don’t have to get separate costumes! With our Boys Reversible Spider-Man Costume, you can choose the light side Spidey, or the symbiotic dark Spider-Man that eventually becomes one of Peter Parker’s worst villains – Venom! Pick up this costume today and show the world what you’re made of — two times over!

No matter your medium of choice, Spider-Man is an American superhero icon beloved across the nation a million times over! Take a look at our Spider-Man Costumes Theme for more ideas on how to get that famous webcrawler out for Halloween!