Is it Superman? Or maybe it’s Aquaman, Batman or Spiderman that your little boy or girl loves and wants to be like? Whatever superhero your kiddo fancies, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a super-sized costume party, the one that they’ll remember forever. We’re here to enhance your superpowers and help give your child what they always wanted: a party worth of a superhero! So put on the cape and let’s check everything off the to-do list, from superheroes costumes to yummy treats:

Start with the Basics

We get it: it’s your kid that loves superheroes, not you. So you may not know where to begin. If that’s the case, why not go to the expert of the house: ask your kid about their favorite superhero and listen carefully to all the details. They’ll definitely let you know what they love and whether their favorite superhero has a sidekick that you could “invite” to the party as well. Remember: information is power, so make sure you get as much of it as possible from the birthday girl or boy. After that, your to-do list and even Kids Superhero Costume shopping will be a breeze!

Get the Right Superhero Costumes

Start with the superhero costume for your kiddo – this is the most important, after all. Make sure you get a costume that has all the accessories. For instance, if Batman is the choice of your little man, then a costume that also has the Batmobile is ideal.

Boys Batman Ride-In Batmobile Costume


Of course, this only works for smaller kids. If yours is a bit older, a more serious Batman costume is in order.

Child Muscle Batman Costume


Oh, and don’t forget about Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Maybe you could ask your child’s best friend to put on this Kids Robin Costume:

Kids Young Justice Robin Costume

Just think of all the photos they will do together – they’ll surely cherish them forever.

When choosing the superheroes costumes for the other guests, make sure you don’t get any that your kiddo doesn’t like – yes, even superheroes have quarrels among each other, too, OK? Captain America, Iron Man, The Flash – all these are excellent choices.

Party Accessories

Yes, the costumes are the most important part of a superheroes party, but the details also matter. Here are some creative ideas for you to incorporate in your kiddo’s party:

–        Does your superhero have a home town? If so, hang a sign that says “Welcome to…” on top of your door.

–        Make the invitation bright and colorful to make sure you tell everyone what the theme of the party is.

–        Your treats (cookies) could be shaped like little spiders, bats or thunderbolts – according to the costume party theme.

–        The cake should also reflect the theme of the party. The Bat Signal perhaps?

–        Hang superhero logos everywhere; you can also hang “Boom” or “Thwack!” signs.

–        Get cups and plates that have the logo or the image of the superhero.

Ready to throw the best superheroes party? The Perfect Superhero Costume is just a click away. The rest is up to you and your super-imagination!