Though costumes are usually clothes that reflect movie characters, hilarious objects or intensely sex-ed up wardrobe, a good majority of them represent a certain cultures traditional clothes. Our generation loves to learn and discover different cultures that have deep traditional rituals like food, design and dress. For example, most Americans love Japan’s traditional style as the Geisha Gal Adult, Geisha Kimono Deluxe Adult, Japanese Geisha Adult, Lotus Flower Geisha Adult, Red Kimono Geisha Plus Size Adult, Sexy Adult Geisha, Sexy Dragon Geisha, and the Sexy Enchanting Geisha. Of course these are America’s take on what traditional Japanese style would be so they are not 100% accurate. Another traditional culture that is very popular is the Swedish/German style with the Sexy Gretchen Adult, Sexy Heidi Adult, Sexy Serving Wench or even the Dutch Girl Adult. Some other misc. popular cultures include the Cleo Queen Adult, Deluxe Greek Goddess Adult, Deluxe Harem Princess Adult, Luscious Leprechaun Adult, Native Princess Adult, Sexy Can-Can Girl Adult and the Sexy England Flag Mini Dress Adult.