The final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is coming, and with the world needing a hero, you can dress yourself in the style of the legendary Caped Crusader! With our Batman Costumes, you’ll be ready to take on the evil that stalks the night and clean up the city of the scum that walks the streets!

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Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be the good guy! Maybe you’re a fan of Tom Hardy, or just think that Bane is one of the most riveting members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery! With our Deluxe Bane Muscle Costume, you’ll be ready to terrorize Gotham City to your heart’s (or whatever it is that’s pumping Venom through your body) delight!

Whether you want to burn the city to the ground or you’re simply trying to draw the Bat out to bring him down, you’ll be in a killer look for Halloween! Team up with some of Batman’s other villains and get ready to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting populous! Pick up this fantastic costume and get ready for the ride of your life! Bring Batman to his knees with this outfit and show Gotham who really holds the power!

Deluxe Batman Halloween Costume

However, if the ultimate detective is what you want, then we at Costume Kingdom are ready to deliver! With our Deluxe Batman Halloween Costume, you’ll be set to take on the street thugs and supervillains that prey upon the innocents in Gotham and abroad!

Batman is one of the world’s greatest superheroes, despite having no powers of his own but his own brain and determination! Whether preparing for war in Wayne Manor or out on the streets, he’s ready to taken on the evils of the night, and you will too with this costume!

No matter what part of the hero/villain spectrum you plan to reside in, our Batman Costumes at CostumeKingdom will have you squared away! Pick up one of these fantastic items today!

–Logan, Your Friendly Costume Kingdom Neighbor