If your little princess loves to ballroom dance around the house like Cinderella, sing along with Ariel or is adventurous like Jasmine, then she will surely love a Disney birthday party! And, since the Disney World is so vast, you will surely find a theme that she and her friends will absolutely love. For a successful Disney party, you simply need to follow a few steps:

1.   Pick a Theme

Would you like to have a general Disney theme party or something more specific? If you choose the first one, then every girl can wear a different Disney costume and be a princess. If you choose the latter, your little girl should be the only one in a full Disney costume, while the others only have Disney accessories. Discuss this with the birthday girl; lay down the options and have her choose what she prefers. After all, it’s her Disney birthday party, right?

2.   Choose the perfect girls’ Disney costume(s)

After you have made the choice, it’s time to shop for Disney costumes. Who does your little girl want to be? You can choose from a Cinderella costume, a Frozen Princess Anna Costume for girls, an Ariel costume and many others.


Girls Disney Cinderella Costume

Girls Frozen Anna Costume - Disney

Girls Frozen Anna Costume – Disney










Want to have the whole place look like your little Disney World? Then try dressing the adults as Disney characters, as well. This lovely Jasmine costume would fit you just right, don’t you think?

Womens Disney Princess Jasmine Costume

3.   Pick the Disney Accessories

If it’s just your little girl who will be wearing a Disney costume, the other guests should have some Disney accessories of their own. Snow White Shoes are very popular with little girls and so are Pink Disney Shoes. Alternatively, you can choose some Disney accessories that the guests can exchange amongst each other; an Aurora Wig or a Frozen Wand  are ideal choices. Plus, you can reuse them in the following years.

4.   Enjoy!

No Disney birthday party for girls is complete without a cheery atmosphere. If you add a few Disney-themed decorations and a cake, your guests will feel as if they have stepped into the fairytale of their dreams. The only problem for you will be convincing your little princess to step out of her gorgeous Disney costume when the party is over.

Want more Disney costumes and Disney accessories? You will find everything you need for the perfect Disney birthday party here.