Easter Sunday is a time when families are reunited and get to spend quality time together. What did you plan for this Easter, aside from having great food and great company? If you didn’t think about anything yet, we can help you with a few ideas to make this holiday a memorable one.

First, let’s think outside the box: what if you made this whole holiday about family fun with some Easter Activities? Put on some great Mascot Costumes and start hunting eggs together – it doesn’t have to be just the kids who turn the house and the garden upside down! The whole family could participate and you can even divide into teams. To make things even more special, you could choose some awesome Easter costumes for everyone. For instance, just think about how cute the kids would look hopping in the garden searching for eggs dressed in fluffy bunny costumes.

Toddler Baby Bunny Easter Costume

You may even think about putting on an Easter Bunny Costume and start hiding the eggs yourself or cheer for the other family member when they start the hunt. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is sure: the kids will absolutely love you in this Easter costume, so be prepared to hop around and entertain them.

Complete Plush Easter Bunny Costume

If the weather is already too hot for a full plush bunny costume this Easter Weekend, try a rabbit mask. You won’t have to suffer through the heat and you can still be the cute character everyone loves! You’ll have a blast handing out chocolate in this.

Easter Bunny Mask Adult Halloween Costumes

If you liked the idea of having the entire family search for eggs, then you definitely need more Easter costumes. What if the traditional Easter bunnies were to face fierce lions? Who do you think would win? Just let your imagination fly! You can have as many teams as you want, dressed in as many different animal costumes as you want.

Check out some of our Animal Costumes, you will surely find something for each family member.